About Us

The Davis High School Blue & White Foundation was officially formed in 2002. Starting out as a group of near-strangers who felt called to create positive opportunities for our community, these dedicated alumni and Davis citizens got to work.

The Foundation organized and maintains a directory of over 20,000 DHS alumni. It also developed the Hall of Fame which recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and benefactors from all disciplines who, during and/or after their high school years, have achieved a level of excellence deserving of recognition.

While the foundation’s first major fundraising endeavor is to modernize the Davis High School Stadium at Halden Field, the BWF supports all student and alumni activities. It’s mission, “…to encourage, strengthen and sustain the interaction between Davis Senior High School and its alumni and friends, and to encourage philanthropic support for Davis Senior High School,” allows the foundation to do what Davis does best: support the varying needs of our kids, and invest in our hometown.

Board of Directors

  • Nicole Arnold
  • Will Arnold
  • Rebecca Foster
  • Jeffrey Stromberg
  • Dennis Foster
  • Christine Berry
  • Tom Cross
  • Monica Roque
  • Logan Kittle



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